Michael Gubanov

Cloud Technology Endowed Assistant Professor
News: Congratulations to Sean and other co-authors on their WWW Profiles 2018 paper!
            ACM SIGMOD Research Highlight Award! (expected)
            IEEE ICDE 2017 award paper invited to publication in special issue of ACM SIGMOD Record for the "2017 ACM SIGMOD Research Highlights"
            4 papers accepted to IEEE Big Data 2017, congratulations everyone!
            IEEE ICDE 2017 award paper invited to publication in "Best of ICDE" issue of TKDE 2018
            IEEE ICDE 2017 Best Paper Award!
            You can watch my talk at M.I.T. on Hybrid here and read here
            Congratulations to Manju on her defense!
            Congratulations to Manju and Maxim on their WWW 2017 paper!
            IEEE Sensors 2016 Best Paper Award!
Note: I am offering a course on modern Big data management and analytics in Fall 2017.
Student teams with awards - Team1, Team2, Team3.
University of Texas at San Antonio
Computer Science Department

NPB 3.212
1 UTSA Circle
San Antonio, TX 78249
mikhail.gubanov at utsa.edu
ICDE 2017 Best Paper Award presented by Yanlei Diao to (left to right) Michael Gubanov, Christopher Jermaine, Shangyu Luo
University of Washington Paul G. Allen Center for Computer Science & Engineering

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